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About Piraeus


On this page you will find useful information about Piraeus.  The firm is located in the city of Piraeus and is easily accessible by public transport.

Historically Piraeus  becomes the port of Athens in 493 BC, when Themistocles creates a fortification (The Long Walls) which connects Athens with Piraeus and surrounds the whole of the Piraeus peninsula and its port.


Nowadays  Piraeus is the main port of Greece and a major international shipping and financial center.   The majority of the Greek ship owners, shipping banks, shipping law firms, technical and financial consultants as well as shipping brokers are based at and operate from the Piraeus or nearby suburbs. 


Among others the Ministry of Mercantile Marine, the Hellenic Coast Guard, P+I Club Greek offices, the Piraeus Port Authority, the Union of Greek Shipowners, the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping, the Piraeus Archaeological Museum, the Naval Museum, the Municipal Library and Gallery, the University of Piraeus, Public and Private Hospitals, and the Piraeus Courts, with a Division specialized in shipping cases, are located in Piraeus and are part of its dynamic business and cultural life.

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